Best German Chocolate

Hello and welcome! Recently I got to try a lot of German Chocolate because of a couple of friends from Germany who came and got me some as a present. They knew I was in love with chocolate and they were excited for me to try some from their country. I am really glad they did because it was so good. Honestly the best chocolate in the world! I know they are many people on the internet sharing their opinions on foreign candy or food, so I thought it would be a great post to share some of my favorite types here on my blog in hope to help you if you are looking for something new and amazing to try. I tried a lot of candy but the best was the chocolate they gave me, so why not dedicate a whole blog to it? Chocolate is the best thing ever.

The first chocolate I tried and love are called Ferrero Küsschen. They are mini chocolate bars that are filled with a creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut chunks. They taste delicious. The box is really cute as well and I would love to get them as a gift any time because they are that good.

2015-11-15-15-03-25-1       (creative commons)

Next, there are some called Toffifee. They are caramel shells, filled with creamy chocolate, a hazelnut and topped off with another layer of chocolate. If I had to pick, these are honestly my favorite out of all. I ate the whole box in less than a day. Now I had to order more, because I liked them that much. They come in packs of 24, but for me that is still not enough.

20151114_212930-1    (Own picture)

This chocolate is from a brand called Ritter Sport. They are quite popular and I have heard of them, but didn’t get the chance of trying them until now unfortunately. They come in 16 pieces of a square chocolate bar. The first I tried are called VOLL-NUSS. They are plain milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts all over it.

I am a hazelnut and chocolate lover if it is not noticeable enough.


This other one is also by Ritter Sport. I am pretty sure it is a holiday special edition chocolate, so I had a harder time finding them sold online. These are in green cover and are roasted almond flavored. I was not able to take a picture to show you.

The next are called Kinder bons. I have had the chocolate candy brand Kinder before, but when I was younger. These are mini chocolate eggs filled with a milky cream filling. The milky cream filling is a bit different and not seen much in other chocolates but really good.

2015-11-15-22-04-22-1 (Creative Commons)

I hope you get try them out soon. These make perfect presents, especially now that the holidays are coming up really soon and if you are in Germany, they make perfect presents to give someone back home. I have seen these sold online so you might be able to find them. Hope this blog helped!