How to make Chocolate Garnishes: Part 2

Hello and welcome back! Today Im continuing with part two of how to make Chocolate Garnishes blog. Now we are going to be talking about the different designs one can make after we learn to temper chocolate. You can use these designs for decorating cakes, tartes, or cupcakes. It adds a special touch to bake good because if your dessert looks beautiful, then it will most likely taste great. All you need is your freshly tempered chocolate, a piping bag, aluminum foil and silicone cooking mat.

Chcolate Squares
– Put your chocolate in a piping bag and cut using scissors a very very little hole on the end. Like a centimeter from the tip so not so big. Better safe to cut less than more. Grab a piece of aluminum foil and draw some zig zags but making sure they stop at the same length going horizontally. Then turn the foil 90 degrees and do the same so it makes a zig zag square. Place it in a plate so it is flat and won’t spill. Then place it in the fridge for about 30 mins or harden. Once it has harden, carefully peel the foil from the chocolate so it stay in its shape.

Chocolate Shards:
– Grab a piece of aluminum foil and lay it flat. Grab about 3 tbs of chocolate from your tempered chocolate in the bowl. Place them and spread them on the foil so they form a rectangular shape. Put them in the fridge untill they harden. Take it out and carefully remove the chocolate from the aluminum foil. Press down in the center of the chocolate and break it carefully. Keep doing the same until u get the size shards you need.

Chocolate Wings:
Put your tempered chocolate in a piping bag. Snip of just a little from the edge to pipe to choclate out. Then get a piece of foil onto a flat surface so it will turn out as perfect as possible. Start by making a small vertical loop. Next to its right, make another just a slightly taller but adjacent to the previous loop. Keep doing this about 4-5 times until you have formed a wing. By the time you are done it should look like the picture before although it will look like this after you have refrigerated you chocolate for a few minutes.
You can make another one that looks like its reflection so when you put them on a cupcake, the look like a pair of chocolate wings together.

Chocolate curl:
To make this, get a plastic or silcon mat that is used in cooking. You can probably get this at the dollar store. Spread some chocolate onto the mat. You can make your curls big or tiny small ones depending on what you need them for. Just apply it horizontally so its looks like a long rectangular shape. Wrap up the mat making sure no chocolate touches each other but does make a curl shape. You can carefully tie the mat up with an elastic band so it will stick that shape when you put it in the fridge. Then freeze it and once its harden take it out carefully. You should have great smooth curls to use as decoration.

I hope you guys try this soon. I love chocolate and it really makes a great garnish for cakes and cupcakes. They look beautiful and taste great!


Chocolate Garnishes Part 1: Tempering

Hello and welcome! Today I will be talking about chocolate garnishes. They can seem hard to make but are easy once you get the hang of it. The hardest part would probably be tempering the chocolate before it can be used. Because of this, I will split this blog into two so we can give tempering the attention it needs since it is the most important step!

Tempering chocolate is a process in which you try and keep chocolate when melting it at its original crystallized form the molecules had. But why is this so important to do? Well you must do this so that after you have melted it and used to make a new decoration and form, no streaks are visible and it is as crunchy as before. It also doesn’t melt too quickly and last longer in its new shape/form. The whole purpose while tempering is not destroying the crystal form by melting it but while making decorations, keeping it around 32 degrees Celsius. They are two ways to melt it. One is on the stove which takes some materials and a bit harder to do. But the easiest is in the microwave. Now let’s get started!

(Creative Commons)

Tempering Chocolate

Step 1: Get about 1 lb of chocolate. Separate it into ¾ and ¼. With the ¾ chocolate, coarsely chop it into cubes. Try to make sure they stay the same size so they melt at the same rate. The other ¼ chocolate should be finely chopped into cubes as well.

Step 2: Put the ¾ coarsely chopped chocolate in a glass bowl and put inside the microwave. Put it on high and melt it for 1 minute. Take it out. At first it might not se melted, but it is. Stir the chocolate and in the bottom you will notice how melted it is. Keep stirring it until you can melt as much as the pieces as possible.

Step 3: If your chocolate isn’t melted all the way (which most likely isn’t), then put it again in the microwave for 15 seconds. Take it out and stir very well. Keep doing this in 10 to 15 second intervals until all the chocolate is melted and no chunks are visible.

Step 4:  By now check the temperature. It will most likely be over 32 degrees celsius. In order to bring down the temperature, mix in the ¼ pound finely coarse chocolate. This will melt easily into it without the need to microwave it.

Step 5: Glass bowls are great for melting chocolate but they do get heated quite easily. For this reason, it is best to transfer the chocolate onto a different bowl. With a spatula, mix the chocolate again and again stir so that it cools down until the 32 degrees celsius. Keep doing this until it isn’t as runny as before. It should thicken a bit. When it does it will be ready to use for decorations! You can get a piece of parchment paper to test the chocolate in for a few seconds. It should harden after no more than 3 minutes. If it does then it is ready to use!